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What is the project about PLEB is the official token of Plebbit. It was created in January 2022 and originally ran on Avalanche Network, but after a Snapshot Proposal passed, the token was migrated to Ethereum. What makes your project unique? WHY DOES A DECENTRALIZED SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM NEED A TOKEN? The base protocol doesn't require tokens to function (which allows non-crypto holders to use it), but tokens can be used for any number of optional things: Utilize names.eth (ENS, which are NFTs) to represent a user/subplebbit name Use NFT images as User Avatars (only NFTs can be used as Avatars) Use any token or NFT of the subplebbit owner's choice as a way to vote, curate, reward, tip or incentivize Use any token or NFT of the subplebbit owners' choice as spam protection. Instead of using captchas, a subplebbit's could require users to own, stake, burn or pay a certain amount of the subplebbit's chosen token in order to post/upvote History of your project. SO IF ANY TOKEN CAN BE USED, WHY DOES PLEB EXIST? Holding PLEB will grant you membership to a DAO where you can vote on certain decisions, like grants, investments, curating whitelisted NFT collections and submitting PLEB proposals on
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