Reality Metaverse

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$ 4,966,618
Volume 24h
$ 353,122
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RLTM is a token of Reality Metaverse project. Reality Metaverse tokenizes world-famous locations into NFTs and uses these assets in games played by millions of players, starting with the flagship mobile game Landlord GO. Each NFT corresponds to one of the real-world locations, famous landmarks, the most prominent cities and countries, and offers royalties from Web2 games and NFT trading fees. The RLTM token is a complete utility token, and its usage will constantly expand during project development adding further utilities to its dynamic economy. We expect the token to be held by many investors and the public due to value creation through expendable utilities of constantly adding more games to our roadmap and visions beyond just a game ecosystem. The primary revenue generator for the project is through NFT sales, and there will be a constant demand for tokens due to the utilities it offers to acquire these NFTs through our marketplace, partnership with other projects, IP collaboration for 3D models, and paying out royalties from games and trading fees that the NFTs are generating.
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