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ValleyDAO is a collaborative community of researchers, entrepreneurs, and builders dedicated to funding and incubating synthetic biology research aimed at addressing pressing climate challenges. Unlike traditional funding models, ValleyDAO operates on a community-centric approach where members are both contributors and part-owners, fostering deep investment in the success of projects. This unique protocol allows individuals to fund large-scale, multi-year research and development projects in synthetic biology. The introduction of the GROW token enhances community involvement in project funding and governance. Holders of GROW tokens can participate in decision-making processes, influencing which synthetic biology projects receive funding, and how the resulting intellectual property is licensed and commercialised. Additionally, they have the opportunity to acquire fractional ownership of emerging technologies through Intellectual Property Tokens. ValleyDAO's mission extends to democratizing synthetic biology advancements, enabling critical innovations to progress beyond academic settings. This inclusive approach invites diverse perspectives and expertise, enhancing solutions to significant environmental challenges.
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